Who is LifeOnTrack

LifeOnTrack is a lifestyle manager. First of its kind in Nigeria. LifeOnTrack is targeted at every 9 to 5iver (Entrepreneurs/Owners of businesses) & Top executives who know and understand how challenging it is to balance career and home life.

We help you live a well-rounded life by taking care of those crucial areas of your life you have the potential to neglect so you can be at your best
in achieving your highest potential.


To complete the life of every career minded person in the world so they can enjoy life to the fullest.
A complete life would be a life with all their personal and professional commitments in control.

Why LifeOnTrack?

We go the extra mile for you by leveraging our partnerships.
We bring you creative and exciting ideas.

Our Personal touch makes every service we offer truly special.
We are affordable. We can make any available budget work for you.

How It Works

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