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LifeOnTrack is a lifestyle manager. First of its kind in Nigeria. LifeOnTrack is targeted at every 9 to 5iver (Entrepreneurs/Owners of businesses) & Top executives who knows and understands how challenging it is to balance career and home life.

Reminder Services

You can count on us to remind you of that important date or event while you work.

Gift Services

Because we know how important it is, we research, source and procure appropriate gifts.

Fun Outing Services

We help you spend more time with your partner, spouse.

Holiday Services

We arrange holiday plans for you and your family
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Our Periodic

Ladies Day Event

Ladies Day is a social initiative targeted at the female gender irrespective of cultures, backgrounds, and ideologies . It is an avenue where women can learn from each other and share their experiences and opinions.

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Join us today and get Holiday updates

and how well you can spend them.

Significant fun times aren’t the only ones we’re grateful for all year round. From friends to family
to spouses, we’re so excited to celebrate the love in our life.

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